Raspberry Pi Rolls Out Its Own App Store

If you’ve been following the evolution of the tiny-and-inexpensive computer Raspberry Pi, you’re probably not too surprised to know that the Pi Store launched today to give budding and mature developers and chance to share and sell their programs.

Raspberry Pi Store Launched Today

The Pi Store is an X application under Raspbian and is also accessible on the Web at store.raspberrypi.com. The store is launching with a modest 23-title catalog, but that number is likely to increase pretty quickly as hobbyists and developers rush to get their projects approved. Raspberry is encouraging folks to add their own tutorials to the Pi Store to help fellow hobbyists, and it’s offering free sprite packages for game developers. The Pi Store has guilt a recommendation engine to encourage users to find and try programs. For now, you can find LibreOffice and Storm in a Teacup, among others.

The Raspberry is designed to be an easy-to-access system for students and others to learn to code, though it’s also being used in many other settings. Raspberry recently released the low-power-consumption Pi Model A, which is aimed at home media centers, industrial applications, and robotics. The Model B is the version that students and hobbyists typically pick up.