Raspberry Pi Model A On Sale in Europe, Only $25, £19

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the $25 Model A version of the Raspberry Pi, your wait is almost over. In fact, you can buy one today if you’re in Europe. The folks at Raspberry Pi are making the new computer available at RS Components and Premier Farnell in Europe (and only for orders in Europe) at the moment, but an announcement on the company blog assures the rest of the world that they’ll lift the Europe-only restriction “very soon.”

The Raspberry Pi Model A
The Raspberry Pi Model A is a tiny, $25 computer that can run a variety of Linux distributions. If you're new to the Raspberry scene, the Magpi magazine might be a good way to get some ideas.

For Raspberry Pi, the Model A is a major milestone. The company has been working for years to bring to market a computer that costs only $25. The Pi Model B came close, at $35. The Model A is based on the Model B, but lacks an Ethernet port and has a single USB port. It also 256MB of memory, compared to 512MB on the Model B.