This Tasty Raspberry Pi Gaming Console Mod Baked In Walnut Looks Amazing

raspberry pi hero
Do you ever think that your game consoles are too big, bulky, and made of too much metal? Well, thanks to the Raspberry Pi subreddit we can see what it's like to have a small and wooden game console.

This little project takes a Raspberry Pi Model 4B and puts it into a beautiful little walnut case. Of course, the top comments on this right now are, as we all know, the most important. The creator used plantains instead of bananas for scale—what a monster!

raspberry pi plantains
Raspberry Pi Walnut Case with Plantains for Scale

Seriously, though, this little case mod is gorgeous and worked out great. While the woodwork is custom, you can use the same or similar hardware to build your own. The components for the build are pretty common, we have a list below if you wanted to spend the time to build your own Raspberry Pi Portable. Some exact component information was not shared, so assumptions had to be made. Still, the components list should cover most bases here.
raspbery pi wood closed
Raspberry Pi Walnut Case Closed

So, using these above, you could do things like 3D print your cool case and make your version a portable game console. Once you install an OS like RetroPie you then will have a controller interface that will easily let you load up your classic games and legally owned ROM backups. There are tons of great mods and projects you can check out on the Raspberry Pi subreddit, or you can check out this awesome little project right on its thread.