RandMcNally.com's More Roads-Better Directions™

Holiday travelers can now rely on the most trusted name in mapmaking for their driving directions. Today, Rand McNally announced More Roads-Better Directions™ on its enhanced website, RandMcNally.com, featuring 1 million more home addresses and over 22,000 more miles of roads—enough to cross the country seven times—not found on any other online maps and directions service.

With enhanced driving directions, online maps and a trip planner, RandMcNally.com builds on the company’s 152-year tradition of producing the most trusted print maps on the market, now offering the most trusted online maps and directions as well.

“Our core business is mapmaking, and we’ve used our extensive experience, expertise and passion to build RandMcNally.com’s driving directions,” said Joel Minster, the company’s senior vice president and chief cartographer. “Using our time-tested approach to mapmaking, we have created the most accurate and user-friendly online mapping and navigation site. Users can be confident we’ll get them wherever they want to go this holiday season.”

Like other mapping and navigation websites, Rand McNally uses data from NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas. But, unlike others, Rand McNally’s cartographers work with local municipalities to find roads not included by those providers and then further corrects and enhances the original data.

“There’s a reason so many addresses—especially new ones—fail to pop up on other driving directions websites,” Minster said. “We know maps, we’re passionate about ensuring that our electronic maps and directions have the most current content with the same thoroughness and accuracy that our customers have appreciated with our printed maps and atlases for so many years.”

Many New Roads in Major Cities

“We have approximately 1,000 more miles in Houston, Miami and Atlanta than any other site, and 500 additional miles or more in San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Seattle,” said Betsy Owens, senior vice president of digital products at Rand McNally. “These additions are especially useful in helping users get accurate driving directions to residences and businesses in and around new and growing developments.”

“The updated site builds on our long tradition of offering customers the most trusted tools to discover, map and navigate their world,” added Owens. “Customers expect nothing less from Rand McNally.”

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