Rambler Socket Puts An Extension Cord In Your Wall Outlet

It has probably happened to you if you've ever owned a desktop LCD or desktop tower: the curse of the not-quite-long-enough extension cable. It's pretty difficult to move a whole desk once you've got it set in place within your home, but adding an extension cord doesn't take much effort at all. The only problem is that a bright orange extension cable is generally an unsightly mess when ran within the home, and we guess this whole quandary is exactly what inspired Meysam Movahedi to create the concept he did.

The Ramber Socket is a new twist on an old product: the typical AC wall outlet. Rather than simply allowing a socket to connect, this device has an in-wall box that contains 1.5 meters of extra wiring. If you need a little more length to connect your gizmo to power, you can just roll it out to the length you need. Once you're done, a gentle pull will enable it to recoil nicely back into the in-wall enclosure.

This is definitely one of those designs that make you wonder why you didn't think of that, and with any luck, we'd imagine that these will hit home improvement stores really soon.