RadioTime, Dension Brings Internet Radio To Your Car

RadioTime and Dension are working together to change the way we listen to Internet radio. With the new Dension Webradio, you can listen to Internet radio from any USB-capable home entertainment system or car radio. The Webradio itself is about the size of a USB thumb drive. When paired with a 3G capable phone via Bluetooth, the Webradio lets you browse, select, and listen to stations similar to how you'd browse MP3 music files.

RadioTime, Dension Offers the World's Radio Stations on a USB Thumb Drive

Dension Webradio Enables Access to Users' Presets at Home or in the Car

DALLAS-- RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, today announced it provides its Internet radio guide to the Dension Webradio, a small USB dongle that can bring the world's radio stations and programs to any USB-capable home entertainment system or car radio.

Developed by Dension Audio Systems, based in Budapest, Hungary, the Dension Webradio enables anyone with a free account to load their RadioTime Presets, pair the device with a 3G-enabled mobile phone and plug it directly into a radio's USB port. Each station will appear on the car or home system as an MP3 file, enabling the user to browse, select and listen to the stations by name, and view that information on the radio's display.

“ will provide our users with access to 30,000 AM/FM and Internet-only radio stations and 100,000 music, news, talk, sports and entertainment programs, and the Dension Webradio makes it so easy to listen to your favorites anywhere, from the living room to the driver's seat,” said Bill Moore, founder and CEO, RadioTime, Inc. "You simply plug the Webradio into your computer to copy your RadioTime account in one step. No need to enter any codes or endure a registration process."

According to a recent Arbitron Inc./ Edison Research study, nearly one in four Americans have listened to audio from an iPod or other mp3 player connected to a car stereo. The Dension Webradio works like an mp3 player, but goes a step further by offering live Internet radio from around the world instead of being limited to an mp3 library.

The Dension Webradio is now available in the U.S., with a suggested MSRP of $120 USD. For more information, visit the Dension web site.

RadioTime provides an easy means of finding local, national, or global radio programming airing on stations in 140 countries and broadcasting in 55 different languages. It provides an Open API to enable hardware manufacturers and software developers to add the RadioTime guide to their devices and applications.