Radeons Not Defective?

It was recently reported that several first-tier video card vendors had recently been encountering large amounts of defective 2K series Radeon chips.

Apparently that report is now being reported as false:
“Although the article stated that Asustek Computers, Micro-Star International (MSI) and Gigabyte Technology all experienced a problem with improperly flashed cards, all three manufacturers have since denied the existence of any such defect.

Several product managers and engineers were left scratching their heads when confronted about receiving batches of faulty Radeon HD parts.  ASUS representatives, speaking on the condition of anonymity, claim that no journalists inquired to the company about faulty Radeon-series graphic adaptors, and that the company has not found a single defective in its inventory.”
Where did the rumors start?

Nothing is certain at this time, but the current theory is that the rumor may have originated at Acer when they recently received a shipment of Radeons without UVD.
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