Radeon X1900 GT Spec Change

Beyond3D reports that ATI has decided to significantly change the reference specifications of the Radeon X1900 GT graphics card such as the Sapphire model we reviewed here. Here, ATI has opted to lower the GPU's core frequency from 575MHz to 512MHz. In an attempt to compensate for the decreased performance from the lower speed, the memory frequency will be raised from 600MHz up to 660MHz. Along with the changes in frequency, a new PCB will be used in conjunction with a quieter heatsink assembly. All new boards featuring this new PCB will also have the option of HDCP capability depending on whether the add-in vendor chooses to populate the board with the appropriate logic. Unfortunately, no reason has been provided for the change in specification and no plans have been shared on how ATI will differentiate the two versions of this GPU.

Unfortunately, by deciding against a new name ("X1900 GT SE", anyone?) the situation becomes rife for some confusion for individual purchasers. There will be two signficantly different "X1900 GT" abroad in the land, and consumers who care about the difference between them should be careful to determine they know which they are purchasing until the stock of the old model disappears completely. The new model is not yet available in the channel, but it shouldn't be much longer before it makes its appearance.