Radeon X1900 Details?

If the latest bit of news regarding NVIDIA's next flagship GPU got you excited, CES has spilled some additional information regarding the next best thing from ATI to capture your attention once more. Dubbed the Radeon X1900, ATI's next flagship GPU seems to have some exceptional performance in store and appears ready to launch in the very near future. Several sources have posted some rough performance comparisons between the Radeon X1900 and the GeForce 7900. Should these numbers be close to what we'll see on our own testbeds, we're in for some incredible new hardware to play the latest and greatest games.

What we can say though is that so far there's a distinct absence of the familiar ATi words 'Platinum Edition' (PE), which begs the question - what headroom does the existing 90nm R580 have for a PE version as a firm response to NVIDIA's ultra-extreme GeForce 7900? It's gotta be on the cards... Recent history shows that for two quarters of the year ATi will be on top and for the other two quarters it will be NVIDIA... So, if this trend continues, then from a 3D graphics performance enthusiast's point of view, one of the primary decisions to be made is simply 'in which quarter do you buy?'
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