Quantenna To Set Air Speed Record With 10Gbps WiFi Network Technology

Wireless network speeds have improved substantially over the past decade or so, but those who can't risk a drop-out or need to get things accomplished in the fastest manner possible still revert to tried-and-true hardline connections. Quantenna is hoping to change that mindset somewhat, by announcing this week plans to offer a Wi-Fi chipset that can push 10Gbps by 2015.

According to a company release, development is already underway on an 8x8 MIMO configuration that would include universal support for MU-MIMO clients and 10Gbps speeds, not to mention boosts in performance, range, and stability. Quantenna already delivered 4x4 chipsets for 802.11n and 802.11ac standards, so it makes sense to hear that 8x8 is en route.

“Quantenna’s 8x8 architecture with adaptive beamforming demonstrates that the ‘massive MIMO’ promise of significantly higher throughput, robustness, and reduced interference can be realized in practice,” said Andrea Goldsmith, Stephen Harris Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. “This architecture will also significantly enhance the capabilities of MU-MIMO, allowing it to support interference-free transmission to many more devices simultaneously. These technology advances will transform the landscape of applications and devices that Wi-Fi can support. As we move into an era of exponentially-growing video usage and the Internet of Things, the 8x8 architecture and MU-MIMO technologies will become essential in all high-performance Wi-Fi devices.”

As of now, the company isn't saying which of its partners will be first to adopt the 8x8 gear, but we're sure existing ones will be eager to step things up a notch. Now, if only we could get universal broadband to come into the home at anywhere near that, we'd be set.