Quanta Sees Rise In Global Laptop Demand. Who?

Never heard of Quanta Computer? Can't blame you. They don't put their own nameplate on the laptop computers they build in Taiwan. They manufacture units for most all major computer vendors, so if you've got a Dell or an HP in your lap, for instance, the chances are pretty good that Quanta made it, or one just like it. They even make the One Laptop Per Child Foundation's laptop. Since they serve so many masters, their sales outlook is useful in gauging worldwide demand for laptops in general.

The company has factored in the shaky global economy to its 2008 laptop shipment forecast, Leung said. "It looks like there will be some impact on the notebook market in the U.S., but Europe and other areas are okay," he said.

Quanta's laptop PC shipments in the first three months of this year reached 8 million, down substantially from a record high of 9.4 million in the fourth quarter of last year. The company forecast that laptop shipments will grow 10 percent quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter.

Quanta shipped 32 million laptops last year, and had originally projected sales of 36 million for this year. They now expect to substantially outperform that target, and anticipate sales of 40 million units.
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