Qualcomm Acquires Wilocity In Bid To Kiss Ethernet Wires Goodbye

Wireless communications is clearly an area of growth, but the thought of being able to transmit absolutely everything sans wires remains something of a pipe dream. Wilocity is a company that's been powering away in an effort to bring some of this to fruition, but it'll soon be doing so with a far more sizable budget. Qualcomm, a giant in the silicon and comms industry, has just acquired the aforementioned company, which just so happens to be a leader in the WiGig industry.

Qualcomm's after the company's 60GHz transmission technology, as it desires to bring multi-gigabit wireless to mobile and networking devices. In other words, Qualcomm chips with integrated 802.11ad (WiGig) should now be on the outfit's roadmap, and it'll also be delivering a family of tri-band platforms that combine Qualcomm Atheros, Wi-Fi, and WiGig solutions.

At first, a reference design based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810, with a mind to enable apps that stream 4K video, P2P content, networking, etc., all without bandwidth constraints. Put more simply, the company wants to remove the need for Ethernet cables in mobile, home, and even business streaming cases, where even 4K content can be tossed from one wireless product to another without worrying about stutters or frame drops.

Terms of the deal aren't being disclosed, but it seems that Qualcomm's not going to waste any time integrating its new acquisition. Look out, wires -- seems that your days really are numbered.