Quadtet: Nvidia GeForce 7900 Quad SLI Performance Unveiled

We've all been reading about NVIDIA's Quad-SLI technology for months, but performance data has been a little hard to come by.  The folks at Xbit Labs aim to change that though with this article that explores Quad-SLI performance with 10 games.  Unfortunately, the site seems to be going up and down at the moment.

"When announcing the quad SLI technology at CES 2006, Nvidia Corp. stated that there are some gamers who desire to have extreme performance, quality and exclusivity, but did not begin shipping such products immediately. At CeBIT 2006 the company stated that the systems featuring four GPUs were shipping, even though not all system makers can supply such computers even now. Two announcements and several systems shipped to end-users later, X-bit labs is publishing the performance preview of the technology that made such a loud hype to reveal all the truth about it. Check out how a GeForce 7900 quad SLI performs against rivals in over 10 games."