Quad-SLI Roundup

Without question, one of the hottest topics at this year's CES tradeshow was the technology showcase by NVIDIA and Dell that utilized a Quad-SLI configuration. Despite using four GPU's, this configuration was unlike any of the "hacked" four card setups we've seen from other websites that failed miserably thanks to a lack of proper driver support. Instead, the Dell Renegade system featured two custom boards from NVIDIA that were each comprised of two boards themselves. Those looking for all the information on this setup can view the complete details in the following articles:


Each video dual video card is connected to another power supply to feed the cards the power they need to perform their best. We spoke to nVidia about the power consumption of the system and we were suprised, but not shocked when they told us it needs 850 Watts. The Dell XPS model on display came with a 650 Watt power supply for the system and then each video card gets additional power from these individual 12V power adapters made by Delta Electronics Inc (model # ADP-150BB B). If it looks like an AC Adapter (12v 12.5A output) that a notebook would use don't worry, because that is what it is. Each of these are rated at 150W by Delta Electronics. Adding the 300W from the video card AC/DC Adapters and the 650W from the ATX Power Supply we get a system with 950W of power! If you drive a Toyota Pirus this is not the system for you! Then again after hearing that Dell will be selling these system for $7,000 to $8,000 when launched we don't think many of our readers are going to be running out and buying one right away.
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