QNAP Adds New 1.8GHz CPU, SATA 6Gb/s Drive Support To TS-x59 Pro II

QNAP is no question one of the larger names in the network-attached storage arena, but it's been some time since we heard from them. That's changing this week with their latest announcement, as they've added new Atom CPUs, USB 3.0 and support for SATA 6Gb/s drivers. The new TS-x59 Pro II series -- the 4-drive TS-459 Pro II, the 5-drive TS-559 Pro II, and the 6-drive TS-659 Pro II -- all feature the 1.8GHz D525 chip, along with 1GB of RAM (up to 3GB), and they also ship with the new V3.4 of QNAP’s renowned NAS management software, supporting all-in-one server applications such as file sharing, FTP server, printer sharing (LAN and Internet), web server, and even video surveillance.

Other advanced features include backup to cloud storage including real-time synchronization of any changed files stored on the NAS to the cloud with versioning control, Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) for disaster recovery and ease of content delivery among HQ and branches, advanced access right control for ease of management, and so on. The family supports up to 18TB of networked storage (using 3TB drives), and they all feature ot-swappable drives, RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 5+ hot spare, 6+ hot spare, 10+ hot spare (note: TS-459 Pro II does not support all mentioned RAID levels) or JBOD, online RAID capacity expansion and online RAID level migration for data redundancy, dual Gigabit LAN ports with failover and load-balancing.

The new TS-x59 Pro II family will be available beginning in April, but no pricing details are spoken about. 
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