Pure Storage Announces All-Flash Enterprise Storage Array

At a time when some still swear by tape storage, flash storage is making inroads into the data center, driven by newcomer Pure Storage. Today, the company announced an all-flash enterprise storage array in the form of the Pure Storage FlashArray FA-300 series.

Pure Storage FlashArray (FA-310)

The new line of products are designed to marry the benefits of flash with enterprise needs such as high availability, scalability, and compatibilty, and all for a low low price.

The FlashArray FA-300 series and the company’s home-grown Purity Operating Environment software were both built from the ground up to handle the flash architecture.

The company is making some bold claims about the benefits of flash storage, including that it’s ten times faster, more powerful, and more space efficient than a disk-based array. In a press release, Scott Dietzen, CEO of Pure Storage said, "Pure Storage all-flash arrays are radically faster, more space and power efficient, more reliable, far simpler to manage and now cheaper than disk-centric alternatives -- so why buy disk for the data center?"

If you wonder how Pure Storage is backing up those claims, the press release has answers for you:

What Differentiates the Pure Storage FlashArray
-Purpose built for flash. Instead of retrofitting flash into disk-centric arrays, the Pure Storage FlashArray is built from the ground-up to take full advantage of flash.
-Flash below the cost of disk. Pure Storage couples the use of MLC flash with inline data reduction to deliver a dollars-per-usable gigabyte cost of flash that is below the cost of performance disk or disk/flash hybrids. It is the industry's first inline deduplication and compression that can deliver consistent sub-millisecond latency.
-Substantial power and space savings. Pure Storage's all-flash array consumes one-tenth the power of traditional disk-based storage and can allow for a dramatic expansion of the overall data footprint without expanding the data center.
-Enterprise-grade high availability (HA). The FlashArray offers an active/active HA architecture, including clustered controllers that share storage to deliver enterprise resiliency without the doubling of cost incurred when duplicating non-HA devices to achieve redundancy.
-RAID re-designed for flash. Purity implements RAID-3D, a new form of RAID specifically designed to protect against the unique failure modes of flash. RAID-3D implements three layers of independent parity, protecting against multiple drive losses, flash bit errors and variability in flash performance.
-Scalable to hundreds of terabytes within each array. The FlashArray was architected for scale, allowing for starter deployments in the tens of TBs and scaling to hundreds of TBs, as opposed to PCIe flash cards and flash appliances that can accelerate performance of a single application but do not support clustering for growth.
-Deploy in minutes. Manage with ease. From the 10-minute install to the intuitive web-based user interface, the FlashArray frees storage administrators from the cumbersome processes of traditional disk storage management.

In short, Pure Storage claims that its solution performs far better than traditional disk arrays, consumes a fraction of the power, can scale like a boss, and is incredibly easy to deploy and manage, all at about half the cost. Strong words, those.

It remains to be seen if Pure Storage just handed the IT industry a disruptive technology or not, but you can have a look for yourself by signing up for the Early Access Program.

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