PUBG: New State Puts A Futuristic Spin On The Popular Battle Royale Genre

pubg new state map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans will be excited to hear that another related game is on its way. Krafton recently announced that pre-registration has opened for PUBG: New State. PUBG: New State is a mobile game that is being developed by PUBG Studio and takes place in the PUBG universe.

PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051 or several years after the current PUBG game. According to the developers, “anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other.” One hundred players will battle each other in each round to make it out as the “Lone Survivor.” Players will be able to explore an 8X8 map size and be forced into a shrinking circle the longer they survive. They will reportedly have access to futuristic weapons, vehicles, and other features and will be able to master and customize various weapons.

The upcoming game makes a lot of big promises. The developers contend that players will experience realistic gunplay and a more immersive battle-royale experience. They also promise “graphics that surpass the standard of mobile gaming” and to dig deeper into the lore of the PUBG universe.

Pre-registration for PUBG: New State is now available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. There is currently no pre-registration date for iOS devices. The game will be available sometime later this year and alpha tests will precede the official release.

pubg new state in game

PUBG: New State is not the first PUBG mobile game, but it is the first PUBG mobile game developed by PUBG Studio. PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent Games and released in 2018 a few months after the original game. PUBG: New State promises to be an entirely new game.

PUBG: New State is not the game that was hinted at during the 2020 Game Awards. Callisto Protocol is another upcoming game that will be supposedly set in the PUBG universe. However, Callisto Protocol will be a survival horror game and its story will take place in the year 2320 on one of Jupiter’s moons. Callisto Protocol is being developed by the Striking Distance, one of the creators behind the Dead Space series. They were specifically hired to create a “narrative experience” for PUBG. The game will reportedly be released in 2022 for PC and consoles.