PUBG Invitational Tournament Kicks Off This Summer With $2 Million In Prizes

PUBG gamers that are good enough to get an invite to this summer's invitational tournament have the chance to duke it out for a prize pool worth $2 million. PUBG Corp. will be sending out invites to twenty top teams from all around the world who will gather in Berlin, Germany from July 25 through July 29 for the event. This will be the first major tournament held by PUBG Corp and is called the PUBG Global Invitational 2018.


Teams will be selected for the event by qualifying for tournaments in each of the major regions including North America, Europe, and Asia. There will be separate tournaments held for gamers who like the first-person perspective and for players preferring the third person perspective.

PUBG Corp. CEP Changhan Kim says, "The PUBG Global Invitational 2018, is a landmark moment for PUBG Corp. as a showcase of the potential of PUBG esports. The team at PUBG Corp. is working tirelessly to ensure that the PGI 2018 exemplifies the pinnacle of PUBG competition and brings to life all of the excitement, tension and exhilaration of the highest level of PUBG play, not only to the fans attending the PGI 2018, but also those watching at home."

There will be a limited number of teams able to participate from each of the covered regions. Regions with three seeds include Europe, North America, and Asia. Regions with two seeds include CIS, Korea, China, and Japan. Areas with only one seed include South America, Oceania, and the Middle East/North Africa. Details on ticket sales, regional qualifiers, and venue will be announced later. It's not clear exactly what the $2 million prize pool will include, but there is likely to be some cash and some prizes handed out.