PlayStation 5 Restock Tracking: Sony's Semi-Exclusive You Need To Get In On

ps5 restock
PlayStation 5 consoles have been very hard to come by since last year's launch. But Sony's PlayStation Direct has good news for those paying attention and signed up with that feature.

It seems that PlayStation Direct has sent out emails letting users know about a restock happening today at 2pm ET (11am PT). With Christmas just around the corner and stocks of the elusive console being harder and harder to find, it may be time to sign up for this email list. There is also speculation that Sony may have stock on its site for everyone to grab at around 5pm EST today. So be watchful and aware today if you are hoping to snag one.

Companies have been looking at various ways to combat the scalpers that seem to jump at every opportunity a new batch of consoles and GPUs become available. Newegg has devised a sort of lottery with its Newegg Shuffle. And with this particular restock, it is Sony itself providing a semi-secret way of getting your hands on one of its latest gen game systems. 

While this round of stock seems to be for those who received an email invite through PlayStation Direct, it is a good idea to sign up for future announcements anyway. If you have been on the list, you should be checking all your email folders to see if you received an invite for today. You can bet your sweet behind that Santa is on the list and will be trying his best to get hold of one or two of the consoles in future releases. 

Drops on PlayStation Direct typically occur at 2pm ET during the middle of the week. But Sony has been giving inside exclusives by email to a fortunate few. This is the case this time around. With how difficult it has been to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, it is a very good idea to be part of the email list. You may not be privy to emails like the one this go round, but you will still be updated on when Sony is going to restock its own website in the future.

This is limited to customers in the US as a direct way to purchase from PlayStation. After you sign up, you will then have to wait on a notification saying you have been selected to participate. You also need to make sure your email address that you sign up with is the same as the one associated with your PSN ID and that you are opted in to receive PlayStation marketing emails. The criteria to be chosen is not very clear, but some believe it has to do with your activity on PlayStation, your current standing with your PSN account and other details.

Keep watch on this article throughout the day, as HotHardware intends on updating it with more information if it becomes available.