PS3 To Boldly Go To 65nm...Or Not

There has been a lot of buzz about Sony's 40GB PS3, but sadly it looks like not all of the buzz is correct.  Sure it's still cheaper than the other current PS3/PS3 bundles, but it's not going to save you as much on electricity as you might have thought because it's still using a 90nm chip.

“A Sony spokesperson has told Heise Online that the 40GB model continues to use 90mn processors, but does feature an updated design with a lower power consumption of just 120 to 140 watts, compared to 180 to 200 watts for the older models. Sony says its still planning on moving to 65nm processors in the near future, but for now, it looks like the PS3 is 90nm across the board.”

We're still impressed with energy savings, but we can't help but wonder how much more energy could be saved by going to the 65nm process.  Despite the use of 'older' 90nm technology, this is still a great gaming console and an excellent Folding@Home machine.
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