PS3 Sales Up After Price Drop

While the PS3 isn't exactly a computer, it is still a very interesting piece of hardware that might just be a look at the future of slim computing devices if Toshiba (new owners of the Cell technology) and company have anything to say about it.  It also is one of the best pieces of equipment to run folding@home on, and there's probably not a better way to justify the purchase of a PS3 than to fold (remember, HH is team 32407).

So far one of the biggest problems with the PS3 has been its price, which is substantially higher than the Nintendo Wii and marginally higher than the Xbox 360.  When Sony finally offered a substantial price drop last month, sales soared:

“Sony said it sold about 75,000 PS3 consoles in the week of October 29 in the United States, and more than 100,000 in the following week, compared with weekly sales of 30,000 to 40,000 before.

Sony cut the U.S. price of its PS3 with an 80-gigabyte hard disk drive by 17 percent to $499 in mid-October. It started selling a new model with a 40-GB hard drive on November 2 for $399 in an effort to ignite demand ahead of the crucial holiday season.”

Lower prices, more games, and the ability to help researchers understand crippling diseases; what more reason do you need to go out and buy a new PS3?
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