Previewing Maingear's RUSH SuperStock X99: Opulence And The Killer Gaming Rig

When it comes to high performance, over-the-top enthusiast computers, Maingear is a boutique builder that has been designing and manufacturing some of the most stand-out, highly-tuned systems on the market over the years. Hailing from good ol' Kenilworth, a borough of New Jersey, the custom PC shop likens itself to sort of a "Fast n' Loud" of the PC world, only they typically build systems that offer muscle car horsepower and stylings that are anything but loud, actually. They take this exotic, performance-driven theme very seriously, with shop technicians sporting pit crew styled jerseys and a meticulous build area fit for a Ferrari. The company was started back in 2002 but you might want to check out the tour we took of the facility back in 2011 (which seems like ages ago).

At any rate, the boys back in the shop wanted to send us something more current to look at and we've been toying around with this beast for the past couple of weeks.

Maingear Rush SS X99 6
Maingear's RUSH SuperStock X99 - No Compromises, Just Computing Decadence

The system you see here is the kind of machine that the average DIY enthusiast either couldn't or wouldn't build themselves. This is Maingear's RUSH SuperStock X99 system and its Crystal Hardline Tubing cooling system alone would take significant planning to map out and implement with its over 70 individual fittings, dual radiators, dual pumps and dual reservoirs. Then of course there's the RUSH's component selection, custom lighting and build quality -- all of it adds up to a high performance PC that's setup like a Porsche for killer performance and good looks.

We don't want to steal our own thunder for the full review but we thought it would be cool to give you the video preview tease here first. Check it out.

Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99

As you can see, not only does the RUSH look great, it's configured with some of the most powerful, high quality PC components currently on the market. And those three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti cards in 3-way SLI, though overclocked an additional 250MHz on their cores and 350MHz on their memory, don't even break a sweat under load with that wild neon green cooling solution coursing through their veins.

Overclocked Loaded Temps
Three heavily overclocked GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPUs, still a cool breeze under load.

Maingear Rush SS X99 1

We're still in process with Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99, putting it through its paces in our benchmark gauntlet here, but we hope to have the full review live shortly. We won't give away too many spoilers but we will say we're breaking in-house benchmark records left and right with this bad boy. Stick around.