Pretec Enables Any USB Phone To Tether With H220 Intellicable

There's still quite a lot of mystery surrounding Pretec's latest adapter, but the claims are impossible to overlook. The company's new H220 Intellicable doesn't look like much more than a typical USB extension plug. It's not very bulky, there aren't any foreign parts. So, what makes it so special? The software that's bundled with it, according to Pretec.

The peripheral is designed to work with most popular mobile phones, with 2G, 3G and 3.5G phones supported. What you're supposed to be able to do is simply plug your mobile phone into your laptop or desktop via this cable, and instantly tether your mobile Internet. In other words, you should be able to channel your mobile Internet through your phone and into the computer that you're plugged into. Pretec claims that the whole thing is play-and-play, with automatic setup that requires no configuration.

It's obviously a huge cost saver if it works, as many phones refuse to tether without paying an extra $30/month. There aren't many details beyond that, and we're left to assume that it only works within Windows and OS X-based environments. It's supposed to retail for around $49, but we aren't quite sure when it will be on sale.