Pre-order the Next Wolfenstein Game, Get Access to the "Next Doom Game" Beta

Mention "next" and "Doom" in the same sentence, and people are sure to take notice. Such is the case today with Bethesda coming out of left field with the first mention of a beta for "the next Doom game" - still untitled, and with no release date in sight. Heck, we are not even being given a single screenshot.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

As iconic as the Doom series is, it hasn't seen a new title since 2004, with the release of Doom 3 (which I recall as the game that required a 1GB GPU for its top graphics settings - ouch!). "Doom 4" was announced in 2008, and was reported to have been started over with a new engine in 2011. Since then, we've heard nothing, until today.

Nonetheless, gaining access to the beta for the next Doom is simple: Just pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order. Ordering an Order to get to order demons around - it sounds like a fair deal.

Doom 3

While The New Order is available on May 20th, 2014, Bethesda can tell us the grand sum of nothing about when we could expect the Doom beta to drop:

Although you’ll receive the DOOM beta key code with your copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the DOOM beta won’t begin until a later, yet-to-be announced date. We will contact you with news and updates surrounding the start of the DOOM beta via the email address provided during the key code redemption process.

You can be sure we'll also keep you apprised of when the beta nears, and as a fan of the series, I'm already getting a little excited.

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