You Can Preorder The Same LN2 Pot That Chilled Raptor Lake To A 9GHz World Record

ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container hero
A production version of the liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling pot which was instrumental in the recent headline-making 9GHz Intel Raptor Lake overclocking achievements is now up for pre-order. An ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container can be yours for $250, with shipping expected to start from January 5, 2023.

It seems pricey, but this niche contraption appears to be well-made, using quality materials chosen for their thermal properties, and crafted to exacting standards. ElmorLabs says that the Volcano LN2 Container “allows for maximum cooling efficiency and stability, ensuring reliable and consistent performance every time.” However, the product page blurb appears to be optimistic in claiming that the product will find appeal beyond pro overclockers, and will attract enthusiasts “looking to maximize your hardware’s potential.”

ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container main

Key specifications and components of the ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container, designed by ShaggySVK, are as follows:

  • Aluminum tube container
  • Copper cores inside
  • Mounting bracket (POM)
  • Mounting backplate (Alu)
  • 4x Threaded rods M4 170mm
  • 4x Thumb screws M4
  • 4x Springs 1x7x25 mm
  • 8x Washers M4
  • 1x Isolation tube 76×15 mm
  • 2x Isolation sheet 100x100x10 mm
  • 1x Sandpaper 600 grit 280×230 mm
  • 1x Sandpaper 1000 grit 280×230 mm
Buyers also get some detailed instructions for mounting the LN2 pot and a 3D model file for printing extra brackets. The mounting plate even includes markings for mounting to all current (and some pretty old) mainstream CPU sockets, which will be handy for those that lose or refuse to read printed instructions.
ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container inside copper
Pondering over the design, it is most interesting to see the stepped and notched inner copper mass structure. One wonders how many iterations ElmorLabs (or ShaggySVK) went through to find this design was optimal for cooling performance. Sometimes iterative design ends up mirroring something in nature, and all these copper inner cores certainly remind us of pine cones.

ElmorLabs Volcano LN2 Container socket guide

In addition to the $250 for this LN2 cooling pot, a user will want a ready supply of liquid nitrogen, or liquid helium (as featured in the >9GHz feat) to make the most of this device’s potential. Liquid nitrogen is approximately $2 per liter, and the latest prices we found for liquid helium were 10x more expensive. You could end up spending a lot of money for any extra performance gained, reinforcing the idea that LN2 pot cooling your Core i9-13900K isn’t really for mainstream users.