Chrome OS Dev Build Brings Chromebook Instant Tethering With Non-Google Phones

One of the coolest aspects of a Chromebook for those who are working on the go is the Chrome OS Instant Tethering feature that easily gets users online. The caveat with that feature is that you had to be using a Google Nexus or Pixel device for it to work. That will soon be changing with reports that the version of Chrome OS currently in the Beta and Dev channels supports Instant Tethering with non-Google smartphones.

Acer Chromebook 315 05

Exactly how many non-Google smartphones are compatible with Instant Tethering is unclear. Users on the Beta and Dev versions have reported that Instant Tethering works on multiple models from Samsung and OnePlus. Previously for your Chrome device and Android phone to support Instant Tethering, you had to be on Chrome OS 70 or higher, Android 7.1 or better, and have a data plan that offers tethering along with the same Google account working on Chrome and your mobile device.


It's not clear at this time if the same requirements will be in effect for third-party devices. It's also unknown when the expanded Instant Tethering support will roll out to stable versions of Chrome OS, but that rollout isn't expected for a while.

In other Chromebook news, Acer rolled out its first Chromebook with an AMD APU and Radeon graphics recently. The machine is called the Chromebook 315, and it will be offered with either an AMD A4-9120C or an AMD A6-9220C APU. That machine will come with either a 1366 x 768 or 1080p 15.6" IPS display.