Power Color Bravo X700 x 2, Shuttle XPC SN25P dual core

Mainstream Video Card Review: PowerColor Bravo X700 256MB @ HardOCP:

"The PowerColor Bravo X700 256MB video card may not show any improvement with a 256MB framebuffer versus a 128MB framebuffer in games, but at least it won't break the bank and does seem to perform faster overall than a GeForce 6600."

Shuttle XPC SN25P Review, New dual core bios for Shuttle XPC SN25P @ AMDZone:

"To demonstrate the size changes of the Shuttle Athlon SFF lineup over the years we stacked 4 of them from oldest on the top to the latest on the bottom.  We start with the SN41G2, then the SN85G4, then the SN95G5, and lastly the SN25P.  As you can see the last two Shuttles have a significant jump in size with the SN25P sharing the chassis of the SB95P v2 which had to have enough space to cool the hot P4s.  The Athlon 64 does not require this level of cooling, and the previous size chassis would have been fine."

News - PowerColor Bravo X700 @ Overclockersonline:

"At the lower resolutions, the Bravo X700 will be able to perform well for those who have an itch to play a game or two on a large HDTV. When it comes to a PC, the dual digital outputs will be great for the executives who can't be bothered with a whining fan but also need to power dual digital LCDs. Either way, the PowerColor Bravo X700 is one card you don't want to overlook when it comes to finding a very versatile card at a midrange price."

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