$25 Raspberry Pi Model A Goes Into Full Production

At long last, the ultra small and cheap Raspberry Pi Model A is now being produced, with the first samples already coming off the assembly line, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced in a blog post. The $35 Model B has been available to purchase for some time now, while the Model A is a slightly downgraded version that will sell for $25.

"We’re having a very busy, very mobile couple of days," the Raspberry Pi Foundation said. "We’ve been talking to Welsh teachers, spending time at the factory in Pencoed, doing EMC testing on the camera boards, picking up engineering samples of the Model A, visiting suppliers, and generally running up and down the south of England and Wales with our hair on fire."

Raspberry Pi Model A

The blurry photo above was taken with a camera phone presumably held by a shaky hand. Better pictures are forthcoming, the company says.

Raspberry Pi's Model A is similar to the Model B, except it comes with half the amount of RAM (256MB versus 512MB), no Ethernet port, and just a single USB port. Despite the downgrades, the designers say the Model A holds appeal because it consumes much less power than the Model B.

"We're seeing demand for the Model A from people making industrial control modules, from roboticists, from people doing automation, for a bunch of headless operations -- and, significantly, for people who want to use the Pi as a very cheap media center."

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