Possible Release Dates For Galaxy Nexus, RAZR, Rezound Slip Out

We already know there are a number of smartphones that should be available before the end of the year. If we had to make a guess, we'd say most of these phones will come out before the holiday season. If a leaked product listing on Android Central is to be believed, we don't have to guess about release dates.

The posting suggests we'll see the newly announced Motorola Droid RAZR coming as early as this week—October 27 to be more exact. Shortly thereafter, on November 10, Verizon Wireless will supposedly release the HTC Rezound and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All three new phones are expected to be available for about $300 with a contract.

Will November 10 be the day when we'll finally get our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: we're very excited for all of these phones to launch.

Update 10/24/2011: A knowledgeable source has informed us that these dates aren't completely correct. It appears the October 27 date for the Motorola RAZR will be the pre-order date. Also, the Galaxy Nexus has slipped and probably won't be available as soon as we hoped.