Portable USB Monitor From AOC is Only $99

For a limited time, AOC is selling its portable 16-inch USB monitor for $99 at retailers nationwide. This is a neat accessory that ports the dual-display experience you've grown accustomed to on your desktop (you do use multiple displays, right?) over to your notebook. All you need is a free USB port, an extra Benjamin, and you're good to go.

"This portable USB monitor is very simple to use and enhances productivity more than any other laptop accessory on the market," said Robert Velez, AOC Marketing Manager. "At a price of only $99, it is a must-have for both mobile professionals and home office users."

We haven't played with one of these ourselves so we can't speak on the quality, but the concept is cool and, at $99, it's also affordable. As for the specs, AOC's 16-inch e1649fwu USB display features a 1366x786 screen resolution, a built-in Smart Stand that pivots out when needed and sits flush with the monitor when not in use, a hard glass screen, and support for both portrait and landscape modes.

The special pricing is $40 off the MSRP and is valid from March 16 through March 31.