Porsche's Passport Car Subscription Service Is Your Ticket To German Motoring Greatness

There are a lot of car guys and gals out there that dream of making enough money to have an entire collection of Porsche cars and SUVs. It's undeniably appealing to have a Cayenne or Macan for ferrying the kids around during the week or schlepping coworkers to and from meetings. On the weekends, having a sexy Cayman S in the driveway to play with or take down to the track would be perfect.

cayman s

The catch is that most of us don't have the kind of money lying around that you need to own one, let alone two Porsche models. Porsche has announced that it is launching a new sports car and SUV subscription plan that is called Porsche Passport and it gives members access to Porsche vehicles via a smartphone app. The subscription plan is a month to month offering and allows users to frequently change the car they are driving.

Mileage is unrestricted with the plan and drivers can have access to up to 22 different Porsche models. For now, this service is only offered in the metro Atlanta area because that is home to Porsche in the U.S. and partner Clutch Technologies LLC.

"Our Strategy 2025 vision is to be the most aspirational brand in a new era of mobility and consumer expectations. Catering to customers' desire to experience our sports cars in new ways is a part of our core strategy," said President and CEO Klaus Zellmer of PCNA. "With Porsche Passport, we now offer our customers a simple and flexible driving solution at their fingertips."

2018 porsche cayenne turbo official image

There are two plans available in the metro Atlanta area called Launch and Accelerate. The Launch plan has access to eight different Porsche models including the 718 Boxster and Cayman S, Macan S, and Cayenne for $2,000 per month. The Accelerate plan gives access to 22 models including the 911 Carrera S, Panamera 4S, Macan GTS, Cayenne S E-Hybrid and all the vehicles offered in the Launch package for $3,000 monthly.

The membership plans include vehicle tax, registration, insurance, maintenance, and detailing of the cars for the monthly fee, and will launch next month. The Porsche Passport app is offered on Apple and Android devices and users have to apply for membership. Both plans require an activation fee of $500 and membership does require a background and a credit check. Sadly, neither plan allows you to drive the beast mode 911 GT2 that trashed the Nurburgring lap record recently.