Polycom Buys HP's Videoconference Segment For $89 Million

Some fairly interesting news this week in the enterprise space, but it's news that could easily bleed over and make an impact on consumers in the near future. Polycom has announced that they will be acquiring HP's Visual Collaboration Business while also becoming an "exclusive partner" to HP for their teleprescence needs, not to mention certain video unified communications needs.

You may have been oblivious to the fact that HP even owned a videoconferencing unit, but either way, Polycom will reportedly pay $89 million for that segment of the company. That's a straight cash buy, with reports suggesting that the purchase was made in an effort to guard from Cisco's attack on market share. Polycom stands to lose a lot in this realm; Cisco obviously is a huge player by themselves, and with Microsoft buying Skype, it's safe to say they won't be looking externally for their videoconferencing needs.

This deal will enable HP and Polycom to expand their offerings, while allowing HP to focus on more core offerings. We couldn't be happier to see HP moving to more "core offerings," so if Polycom needs to lift off this segment, we're all for it.