Police And Rescue Use Find My iPhone App To Locate Woman Trapped In A Ravine

Apple developed its Find My iPhone application to help users track down lost or stolen iOS devices, but never could the Cupertino company imagined that its software would be used to save someone's life. Yet, that's exactly what happened when a 28-year-old woman rolled her car 500 feet down an embankment on Mount Hamilton near San Jose, California.

After failing to show up at home, the woman was reported missing by her stepmother at around 3 AM on Tuesday, Campbell Police Capt. Gary Berg told the Los Angeles Times. Attempts to reach the woman through her mobile phone were unsuccessful. OnStar wasn't much help either in this particular incident -- though it issued a distress call after the accident occurred, it gave the wrong address.

Find My iPhone

An officer got creative by snagging the woman's iPad from her home and successfully guessing her password. After doing so, he used Apple's Find My iPhone feature to determine the woman's location. She was trapped at the bottom of a ravine after being thrown from her 2012 Chevrolet Cruze.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter lifted the woman out of the ravine where she had laid face down for 15 hours and took her to a hospital where she's currently being treated for injuries.

According to an NBC report, it took the officer only three tries to guess the woman's password. "I just tried to make an educated guess," the self-described tech geek explained.