Pokémon Sleep Is Coming To Track And Game Your Rest Habits

hero pokemon sleep app
Pokémon trainers around the world will soon have the opportunity to track their sleep habits in true Pokémon fashion. The upcoming Pokémon Sleep mobile app is now accepting preregistrations through Google Play, with the app coming to both iOS and Android smart devices in late July.

Every Pokémon trainer knows that sleep is an essential element to being on top of one's game. A trainer that is not fully rested could make egregious errors during a battle that could cause their beloved Pokémon to be defeated. However, soon trainers will have the aid of a smartphone app that will help them to ensure they are receiving the best rest and making sure they are performing at the highest level possible.

It has been a long four years since Pokémon Sleep was first announced during the initial hype of the popular Pokémon Go game. While many may have forgotten about the sleepy time app, The Pokémon Company was hard at work making it a reality. There is even a 'gameplay' trailer available for anyone that may still be in disbelief (see below).

The mobile game places trainers will work alongside Snorlax who lives on the island and Neroli, a professor who is studying the various Pokémon sleep styles. While it may sound like a 'game,' it is more of a sleep-tracking app that records your sleep via your smart device.

In order to use the app, trainers will place their smart device by their pillow and then fall off into a deep slumber (hopefully). The app developers recommend that trainers do not place the device under the pillow or blanket, as this may cause it to overheat.

As the trainer dreams of their next big battle, Pokémon Sleep will save data about them, such as sleep duration, time it takes to fall asleep, audio recordings of their loud and annoying snoring, and a Sleep Diary. The Sleep Diary will only be available to premium members.

pokemon sleep mobile app

As the app collects data about the trainer's sleep habits, it will be graded on two criteria: sleep duration and consistency. Depending on the sleep data results, trainers will be placed into one of four categories: Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, and Balanced. Upon awakening, trainers will be paid a visit by a Pokémon with a similar sleep pattern.

Those who enjoy having music playing to help ease them into a deep slumber will be able to listen to Pokémon-inspired background music. There will also be a smart alarm that will wake the trainer while they are in a shallow stage of sleep.

It is important to note, the app is not compatible with any fitness tracking or sleeping tracking apps. It does, however, pair with the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, allowing users to begin tracking their sleep by pushing a button on the bracelet. If you do not already own a Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, they are about $30, while the Pokémon Sleep app is free.