Pogoplug Reveals New Software-Only Version, Adds OneView

If you've paid any close attention to Cloud Engines over the past few years, you'll probably think "Pogoplug" relates directly to hardware. But actually, there's another side to that story. The company has just released a new build of the software-only Pogoplug, which turns any PC or Mac into a "Personal Cloud," no additional hardware required. This new version allows users to stream their entire photo, music, and video libraries and makes that content accessible anywhere in the world. Files stored across multiple computers and hard drives can be connected to a single account to provide users one easy interface for streaming all of their files – called OneView.

The software update includes a number of key features, including three new web apps under the banner of Pogoplug OneView: Jukebox, Cinema, and Gallery. The software contains the same sharing functionality as the hardware version, but obviously requires your machine to be powered on and connected.  Pogoplug also released an update to their iPhone and iPad software to take advantage of the new OneView apps, but we'd recommend using 'em while connected over Wi-Fi.

The new Pogoplug software can be downloaded immediately for free at http:// free.pogoplug.com, while the apps are in the App Store right now.