Pogoplug Connects External HDD's to Internet

Cloud Engines today announced that the Pogoplug, a small device that connects external hard drives to the Internet, is now shipping. Customers who pre-ordered will start receiving their orders this week. The Pogoplug makes all content on a hard drive instantly shareable and accessible with no uploading or special network configuration. The product costs $99 USD, has no monthly fees, and can be ordered online at www.pogoplug.com.

"Consumers will purchase more than 15 million hard drives this year to store personal media," said Daniel Putterman, chief executive officer of Cloud Engines, Inc. "Now this content, including photos and video, can be shared with no uploading."

The Pogoplug is ideal for consumers who have an external hard drive and have high speed Internet at home. The device is easy to use and setup, and does not require special home networking knowledge or configuration. Once connected, all the files from an external drive can be viewed or downloaded through any Web browser. Pogoplug can be used just like a desktop drive from any Windows or Mac computer. The product comes with a free iPhone application that lets users download and upload files from the road. Pogoplug is the perfect accompaniment to any external hard drive or USB memory stick, adding desirable functionality at an affordable price with no monthly service fees.

Setup for the Pogoplug is easy; simply plug the device into an electrical outlet, connect the supplied Ethernet cable to the home network router, and attach any external hard drive. Lastly, the product's identification code is entered at my.pogoplug.com, after which the Pogoplug is online and ready for use.