PocketBook Teases ProBook E-Readers For IFA Introduction

The E-reader segment has been increasing in size for years now, and with Amazon pushing a new Kindle out of the door just weeks ago, it's clear that the demand isn't done yet. PocketBook is a company that few have heard of in the mainstream sector, but that may change once IFA starts up in Germany next month. The company has revealed that it will introduce five new products at the show, all of which seem to be built by Foxconn and just branded PocketBook.

The new ProBook units will generally fall into a pair of categories: the 602 and 603 will have 6" displays, while the 902 and 903 will have 9.7" displays. The group will all have 2GB of internal storage space, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a Linux-sourced operating system. The higher-end units will also have 3G for downloading titles on the go, while the off-beat PocketBook IQ will have a 7" display and will ship in a variety of colors.

That one will also run Android 2.0, but beyond that, the company is withholding all other information for the IFA debut. Pricing and release information will surely be first to come once the show starts, though.