PNY Memory Cards Coming With 250GB Of MiMedia Cloud Storage

Like it or not, cloud storage is the go-to thing these days. It's just the buzzword that's buzzing, and PNY / MiMedia are joining forces to bring the cloud to more and more people. Consumers who purchase the specially marked PNY storage products will receive 250 GB of space to stream videos, photos, music or other files from any web-enabled device. Not too shabby for just buying a memory card.

Available nationwide at retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, as well as regional and on-line e-tailers, PNY products included in the promotion are the 4GB Attaché and 4GB Mini Attaché USB flash drives, 4GB Class 4 Secure-Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) and select Class 10 MicroSDHC flash memory cards. If you aren't familiar, MiMedia offers consumers secure automatic backup and instant on-demand access to all of their files from any web connected device, anywhere. LaCie is also doing something similar with their storage products, and we suspect many other storage companies will be following suit soon. So, you buying into the cloud yet?

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