PNY Graphics Cards To Ship With Asetek Cooling Solutions

Asetek and cooling, two names that seem to always go together. Now, you can add a third: PNY. That company has teamed up with Asetek in order to "revolutionize" graphics card liquid cooling, with the goal to deliver liquid-cooled, high-end graphics cards that far outperform equivalent air cooled models graphically, thermally and acoustically. The resulting extreme performance PNY graphics cards will come out-of-the box with an Asetek sealed water cooler already attached, making the solution very simple to install, maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

In other words, PNY will be using Asetek's heralded cooling solutions on their own cards, and we're guessing Asetek won't be satisfied with just one company doing as much. It's highly likely that the outfit here won't be the last; the question is: who is next?
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