Plex VR App Adds Oft-Requested Support For Gear VR Headsets And Oculus

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Back in late July, Plex tiptoed into the world of virtual reality with the support for Google's Daydream VR platform via the Plex VR app. For those with a supported smartphone and a Daydream View VR headset, you could experience your movies and TV shows in immersive virtual reality -- complete with the "effect" of watching content in a drive-in theater environment.

Now, Plex is extending its embrace of all things virtual reality to Gear VR headsets and the Oculus VR software platform. As it turns out, Plex likely intended to offer support for the Gear VR all along, but it was prompted to speed up its efforts due to eager beaver Plex users that were more than a bit jealous that only Daydream users were able to initially experience the fun.

GearVR Selection 800x400

In fact, given Plex's commentary, more than a few Android users left 1-star reviews for the Plex VR app because it wasn't available [at the time] for the Gear VR. "It turns out we can count quite a few Gear VR and Oculus fans among the ranks of avid Plexians, and of course we aim to please," wrote the Plex team. "Yes, even those of you who bucked the wisest person’s golden rule of app store reviews. We still love you."

As with the version that launched for Daydream-equipped smartphones back in late January, you are able to view content that is stored locally on your smartphone or streamed from your Plex Media Server. Virtual environments that you can view your content in include the aforementioned drive-in theater or a modern-day apartment. You'll need a Plex Pass Subscription, however, to gain access to the drive-in theater.

In addition, the Plex VR app supports both 360-degree and 3D videos, which is an added perk over what's possible with Daydream devices. However, we should note that the "Watch Together" feature, which allows you to invite up to three friends to sit on the virtual couch (or passenger seat) to watch a flick, isn't available at launch for the Gear VR. There's also no ETA for its arrival.