Plex News Launches With Free Streaming News Clips For Cord-Cutters

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Plex is looking to become your one-stop-shop for all things related to digital media. Plex has already become an incredinly popular destination to organize your movies, TV shows, photos and music, and recently became a centerpiece for directing operations for your local Live TV and DVR. Now, Plex wants to leverage its acquisition of Watchup to bring you Plex News.

Plex News is a personalized newsfeed that brings you video from over 190 global news publishing partners. There is even regional content, which helps bring you news from your local area. Some of the news sources that you will be able rely on include CNN, CBS News, The Street, Sky News and Financial Times.

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Now we should put this out there right away, this isn't a live streaming news service that you might expect. Instead, these are timely, pre-recorded video clips that you can browse and search for without the need to run a separate Plex Media Server. After all, Plex News is being provided for free, so you can't expect to have the same functionality that you would get from a paid cable or satellite subscription.

However, you will be happy to know that Plex News uses artificial intelligence to help learn your news viewing habits and suggest clips to you that you might be more inclined to watch.

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"Plex News is especially exciting to us because it follows a progression we started with Live TV and DVR where we’re bringing you great media from outside your library in a way which integrates seamlessly and beautifully," wrote Plex in a blog posting this morning. "This makes it easier than ever to start using Plex if you’re new, and gives you another universe of content to explore outside of your own media, without ever leaving Plex."

Plex News is rolling out over the next two days to Plex users on SHIELD TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android, and iOS platforms. Plex Pass subscribers will be the first to receive Plex News, and it will eventually be spread to all Plex users. Regardless of whether you’re a Plex Pass member or not, Plex News will be provided free of charge and is ad-supported.