Pizza Hut App Lets You Order Grub From Your Xbox 360 Console

We've sure come a long way from playing Pong and other primitive games on the Atari 2600, haven't we? Not only are graphics and the level of immersion leaps and bounds ahead of those primitive times, but unlike back then, today's consoles are home entertainment hubs that offer so much more than just gaming. Heck, you can even order a pizza on your Xbox 360 console!

It's true, and it's ultra convenient thanks to Pizza Hut's "first-of-a-kind order app." If you're an Xbox Live subscriber living in the U.S., you can link to your Pizza Hut account and order pizza, wings, pasta, and other grub all from your Xbox 360 dashboard.

Pizza Hut

"The full menu, including new products, can be ordered from the Xbox Live dashboard and operated using an Xbox 360 controller or hand gestures and voices commands via Kinect for Xbox 360," Microsoft explains on its Major Nelson blog.

To kick things off, users who download and place an order through the Pizza Hut app by May 6 will receive 15 percent off their order. You're also eligible for local deals, as offers in your local area will pop up on the home screen, Microsoft says.