Pixel 9 AI Leak Reveals A Recall-Like Feature Is Headed To Android

hero google pixel 9 teaser
A new leak suggests Google may bring a Recall-like feature to its upcoming Pixel 9 smartphones. While the new feature will take on-device screenshots like Microsoft’s Recall on PCs, it will do it in a less threatening (and less controversial) manner.

Microsoft came under fire in recent weeks after it announced its AI-infused Recall feature, which was supposed to launch along with the first Copilot+ devices. The issues many took with the new feature were concerns over privacy and security. As the complaints continued to pile up, Microsoft got the message from its customers and decided to delay delivering the feature. Now, Google has somewhat taken a page from Microsoft with a possible, toned-down Recall-like feature of its own.

google pixel 8 pro
Google Pixel 8 Pro.

The Recall-like feature, known as Pixel Screenshots, takes a slightly different approach than Microsoft’s. Instead of automatically taking thousands of random screenshots of the Pixel screen, it only uses screenshots already taken by the user. Once the manual screenshot has been taken, Pixel Screenshots will automatically add extra metadata to it, such as app names, web links, etc. It will then process that information using local AI, which will then let the user search for specific screenshots according to their content. It will also allow users to ask an AI bot questions about the images.

Another new feature Google is looking to add to the upcoming Pixel 9 series of smartphones is called Studio. From what has been garnered about Studio thus far, it appears it will integrate into Pixel’s screenshot editor app, allowing it to create stickers. Android Authority, who revealed the leaked information, suggests it could also be an all-in-one generative AI image generator, somewhat like Apple’s Image Playground.

It won’t be long before all will be revealed about the upcoming Google Pixel 9 series of smartphones, and what new AI-enabled features they will include. Google teased the launch of the new Pixel lineup with a 12-second video recently, with sources in India remarking the launch date being August 13, 2024.