Google's Pixel 4 Is Likely Going To Leapfrog The iPhone Once Again

Apple has seen sales of the iPhone decline in recent years, and many point the finger at the lack of new and appealing features (along with increasing prices for the flagships). Each successive generation of new iPhone models has had little to coax the iPhone masses to upgrade, and some see the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro devices the same way. One of the differentiators for the new iPhone models unveiled this week is the camera system on the iPhone 11 Pro. Reports indicate that Google is targeting the new iPhone models with the Pixel 4, and rumors suggest that it will beat the iPhone 11 models in key features.

pixel 4 back

One of the key features where the Pixel 4 devices are expected to beat Apple will be in the cameras -- something that it already handily does with just a single camera. Apple has finally upgraded the rear of the iPhone 11 Pro models to offer three camera sensors for different photography needs, something that many Android devices have been doing for a long time. 

Some were unimpressed by Apple's night modes for the iPhone 11; this is something that Google has excelled at, and is specifically going to push for its Pixel 4. The night shooting capability is rumored to even include a mode for taking pictures of stars. The Pixel 4 is also expected to gain a telephoto lens.

Another place that the Pixel 4 is expected to stand over the iPhone 11 models is in its virtual assistant features. Apple never mentioned Siri in its recent iPhone event, hinting that the assistant isn't a priority in Cupertino. Google, on the other hand, is expected to tout a more tightly integrated Google Assistant for the Pixel 4. Some see Google's improvements in the Google Assistant as a generational change and expect it to be much more useful in Pixel 4. A recent report suggests that the Google Assistant will be able to take over calls while you're placed on hold.

Many see Pixel 4 as Google's best opportunity yet to lure people away from the iOS ecosystem.