Google Pixel 3a Users Complain Of Misaligned USB-C And Speaker Port Cutouts

Google is no stranger to issues with the Pixel line of smartphones; the company has settled a class action suit that has to do with a microphone issue on the original Pixel smartphones. More recently, word surfaced that owners of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL smartphones were having problems with unexpected shutdowns that required a hard reset to remedy. Another issue has surfaced for some new Pixel owners.

pixel 3a ports

The image above is from YouTuber Erica Griffin, who shared a picture of her Pixel 3a smartphone via Twitter. The issue she has encountered seems to be one of quality control. Her Pixel 3a smartphone made it into the wild with cutouts on the polycarbonate unibody of the device that didn't align with the USB-C port on the bottom of the device or the speakers. The issue is rather subtle in the image; what we are seeing are ports that are in line with each other but tilted to the upper right.

pixel 3a 2

Griffin didn't mention if the USB-C cable could be plugged in with the cutout misaligned. The device is a Pixel 3a smartphone in clearly white straight out of the box. After Griffin posted her tweet, followers replied to her post stating that their cutouts were misaligned as well. One person said that his cutouts were so subtly misaligned he had to pull out a straight edge to be sure.

For those who are only now realizing the cutouts are misaligned, it doesn't appear that charging is impacted on the devices. If the cutout issue is only an aesthetic issue, it's unclear if Google will replace the devices.