Pinterest Reveals First Transparency Report On Government Data Requests

The numbers from Pinterest’s data request transparency report are either impressive or laughable, depending on your point of view. Although the tech industry is rising up in force in reaction against the NSA’s spying tactics and forceful and shadowy means of “requesting” data from major Internet companies with FISA, it appears that Pinterest users have little to worry about.

The total number of user accounts that agencies requested data from? Thirteen. Thirteen user accounts, and those requests consisted of seven warrants and five subpoenas.

Pinterest data request transparency

All of the requests came from U.S. agencies, with all but one coming from local or state agencies. On three of those occasions, however, Pinterest was forbidden from notifying the users that data from their accounts had been requested. That’s three too many.

Pinterest data request transparency

In fact, Pinterest actually was able to deny the data request on one occasion. “There are some occasions where we the nature, scope or content of the request is objectionable or defective in some way, in which case, we’ll reject the request,” reads the report.
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