Pinterest Getting Revamped For Speed and Easier Navigation

Pinterest, the social bookmarking site everybody loves but many guys will only use through their wife/sister/girlfriend’s account (come on fellas, own it already), is getting a bit of a revamp. According to a blog post, Pinterest is changing up the interface somewhat in addition to unspecified “behind the scenes” changes designed to make things run a little faster.

The most evident changes will pertain to the user interface. Primarily, Pinterest is making it more intuitive to navigate the site and is both enlarging the pins and including more information with each one, including related pins, other boards the pin was pinned to, and other pins from the same board.

Pinterest update

Any improvements to the site are welcome, as performance has never been Pinterest’s strong suit; unfortunately, these changes won’t extend to the mobile site nor the mobile apps.

Pinterest update

Pinterest will be testing out the updates with a small group of users before it goes live across the board, as it were, and if you want in on the beta you can sign up here and hope that you get picked.
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