PhotoTrackr Mini Brings GPS Geotagging To Any Camera

For those with cameras that use Secure Digital cards, all that's needed to add geotagging support is an Eye-Fi Geo card. But for everyone else, there's the PhotoTrackr Mini. The original PhotoTrackr was released back in 2007, and while it also added geotagging support to any camera whatsoever, this new version is way, way smaller and easier to tote around to various shooting spots.

Equipped with an internal GPS chip, the PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 is both smaller and faster than the original. Rather than just shrinking down, GiSTEQ also added two huge new features: Mac support and compatibility for RAW files. Given that quite a few pro photographers shoot in RAW and edit on their Mac, we'd say this is pretty important.

The thumb-drive like device is supposed to travel along with you while you shoot, and so long as your camera clock is synced with the bundled software, your shots can later have GPS information attached them in post-processing. The software makes the whole process a cinch, and for athletes, the SportTracks application allows them to track their exercise progress via GPS. Pre-orders are open now, with the $69 device set to ship next month.