PhoneTell Launches New Mobile App For Android Smartphones

Our phones don't always ring at the most convenient time. PhoneTell is launching a new mobile app that is designed to help you manage and acknowledge calls, especially during those inconvenient moments. PhoneTell comes with a menu of pre-set text messages and lets you create your own customized text messages to respond to callers. While this concept isn't all that new (we've seen similar functionality on various phones), it is convenient. Perhaps one of the more unique features of PhoneTell is that it can remind you to return the call later. PhoneTell also makes it easy to search for numbers from various sources instead of calling 411 or opening a Web browser. The new app is available for Android 2.0 and 2.1 phones; Blackberry and iPhone versions are coming soon.

PhoneTell Lets Your Smartphone Tell You Who to Call and Who's Calling You

Free New Mobile Application For Android Smartphones Launching at TechCrunch Provides Cloud-based Caller ID and Integrated Search and Dialing Solution; You can Manage Inbound Phone Calls With One Click and Find Any Number You Want Instantly

NEW YORK, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- PhoneTell, "the call experience company," today launched a new mobile application for Android smartphones that helps you easily manage inbound phone calls quickly, and allows you to search and discover any number you want, instantly.  Demonstrations of PhoneTell can be seen at Disrupt 2010 in New York City from May 24-26.

With PhoneTell, you can screen inbound calls and accept, decline or respond with just one click. You can see who's calling, even when the person or business is not in your address book.  With PhoneTell, you can respond from a menu of pre-set or user-customized text messages that let your caller know you got their call with one simple click of a button.  PhoneTell even schedules a call back reminder so you never again forget to call someone back.

"This is going to change how people interact with their phone.  Traditionally, information on incoming calls was limited to what was in your address book.  If it was a business or some other unknown caller or telemarketer, you were out of luck," said Steve Larsen, CEO, PhoneTell. "With PhoneTell, you now see precisely who's calling and can choose to answer or decline and have a text automatically sent to the caller with the touch of a button.  PhoneTell truly makes your smartphone 'smarter'."

PhoneTell also takes your search for phone numbers beyond your mobile phone address book to your "personal cloud" of contacts and the vast universe of public and private phone number information.  PhoneTell instantly scours these data sources and with its patent-pending algorithms, searches, verifies, de-dupes and delivers ranked search matches instantly to your smartphone.  "Any number you would ever want to call - instantly accessible right in your dialer," added Larsen.

"In all the excitement over mobile apps, people often forget that the mobile device is after all, a phone," says Michael Boland, analyst and Program Director for BIA/Kelsey. "PhoneTell's new capabilities provide a better toolset for users to find phone numbers and identify incoming calls.  This makes smartphone dialers more capable, and mobile users and their devices smarter."

Managing High-Quality Connections While on the Move

It happens to you every day; you're at lunch, in an important meeting or on another call when your phone rings, and it's just NOT a good time.  But you would still like to acknowledge and respond to your caller.  This is when you most appreciate PhoneTell.  Here are some situations where PhoneTell would come in handy!    

  • You're having lunch with an important client and get a call from the nanny.  You simply click on PhoneTell, which instantly sends a text saying, "I can't talk right now, but text me or call again if this is urgent."
  • Your newly-licensed teenager is driving and receives a call from a friend.  He simply clicks on PhoneTell and a text is sent instantly saying, "I'm driving; can't talk right now.  Will call you back."
  • You're in an important meeting and get a call from a headhunter who has an update on a new career opportunity.  With one click, you send him an SMS saying, "I can't talk now, but will call you back in 30 minutes." You can even tell PhoneTell to remind you with the caller's phone number, so you are sure to connect.
  • You're at a movie when you receive a call from the doctor's office.  You've been waiting for test results, but it would be rude to answer in the theatre.  With PhoneTell, you can instantly send a message saying, "I can't talk right now, but please call me back in an hour."

PhoneTell is available for Android 2.0/2.1 phones, including the Nexus One and Motorola Droid.  It is a free download available from the Android Market.  Blackberry and iPhone versions are coming soon.