PhoneSuit Primo Extended Battery Clips Into Your iPod/iPhone Dock Connector

Let's face it: the iPhone is a fantastic smartphone, but the battery within isn't exactly the greatest. Heavy web users will understand that the battery typically dies before your full day is done, leaving you to carefully select when and where to use that precious final 20% of battery. A few extended cell options are out there, but most of them involve a bulky case; what if you've already got a case that you love, or what if you prefer to carry your phone sans a case?

PhoneSuit's Primo is a simpler affair, with it being a simple connector that plugs into the bottom socket. It's described as a Micro Battery Pack, and it can work with your iPhone or any dock connecting iPod; in other words, if you have multiple Apple devices, you can carry around one extended charging solution to share between 'em.

The mini solution includes an 800mAh battery, which is said to add up to 45 hours of music playback time or up to 3 extra hours of talking through an iPhone 3G. It's available now for $35, but a 3-pack is available for stocking stuffers at $89.95.

The Primo Micro Battery Pack

The PhoneSuit Primo is the ultimate in iPod and iPhone power portability. It’s so small it can easily be attached to your keychain or kept in your pocket for emergency use. The ultra-compact design allows a comfortable feel while using your iPhone or iPod. Take the Primo with you anywhere and never run out of power.

The Smallest, Most Powerful iPhone & iPod Battery

The Primo is about the size of a person's thumb, yet packs enough power to give you many hours of audio and video play on your Apple devices.  The Primo has an impressive 800mAh capacity battery. That's enough to give you up to 45 additional hours of music time on your iPod or up to 3 hours additional iPhone 3G talk time.

Apple Certified Compatibility

The Primo is "Made for iPod" and "Works with iPhone" Apple certified. Use the Primo with nearly all your Apple devices including all iPhone's and most iPod's. The Primo's versatility will never leave you without battery charge. Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod, iPod Classic, iPod touch, iPod touch 2G and iPod Nano (All versions).

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Primo's design is perfect for playing your favorite iPhone or iPod touch video game in landscape mode. The side mount actually allows for a better grip and increased sound volume. Tired of accidentally covering up the iPhone speaker with your hand when playing in landscape mode? The Primo solves this issue by extending you grip on to the side of the Primo, allowing for full, clear audio.

Advanced Battery Technology

The Primo uses high quality lithium-ion power cells to provide high capacity in a small package. The batteries do not hold any memory and are good for over 500 full charges.

Charging the Primo

Charging the Primo is simple, just use the included standard USB cable and plug into any USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible outlet.

Battery Charge Meter

The Primo features an LED battery charge meter displaying the battery's remaining charge. When charging, the green LED turns blue to show you that it has fully charged.

Primo Warranty

The Primo includes a full 1 year repair or replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. You can rest assured your battery will perform worry free. Please contact customer support for full details.